Our Board of Directors


A. Each member is an equal participant on the Canadian National Board dedicated and subscribing to the following principles:

1. To promote a healthy lifestyle-free of drugs.
2. To advocate no use of illegal drugs and no abuse of legal drugs, including alcohol, tobacco and solvents.
3. To oppose legalization of drugs.
4. To support the United Nations Conventions and Treaties concerning drugs and psychotropic substances.
5. To participate with and support the DPNA (Drug Prevention Network of the Americas).

B. Each Board member shall support demand reduction principles and foster communication and cooperation among NGO’s who are working to stem illicit drug use in and around the world.

C. Each Board member shall foster citizen involvement and community cooperation to address the drug problem at the local level.

D. Each Board member shall encourage conferences and initiatives focusing on drug prevention education, the establishment of drug prevention networks and community anti drug coalitions, and the promotion of positive, healthy, drug-free norms and attitudes in society.

C.D. (Chuck) Doucette – British Columbia, President

Chuck retired in July 2007 after serving over 35 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Over 30 of those years were spent in various aspects of Drug Enforcement in and around Vancouver, BC. Chuck’s last twelve years in the RCMP were spent coordinating prevention/education initiatives in the Drug Awareness Service, retiring as the Pacific Region Coordinator (responsible for BC and Yukon). His experience includes development of prevention initiatives at various levels; giving presentations at public meetings and conferences; and, training police officers in both Demand Reduction initiatives and Supply Reduction techniques. He has attended a number of international conferences dealing with drug prevention and has visited England, Sweden, Germany, and The Netherlands to learn about their drug policies. In the past, Chuck was on the board for the Pacifica Treatment Center in Vancouver for six years and is a co-founder of the Addictive Drug Information Council. He is currently a board member for the following societies: Little House on 12th (community focus), D.A.R.E. BC (provincial focus), and the Drug Prevention Network of Canada (national focus). He is also a member of the International Task Force for Strategic Drug Policy.

Gwen Landolt – Central Ontario, Vice-President

Gwendolyn Landolt graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia, and was called to the BC Bar. She has had an extensive legal career in private practice, as a Crown prosecutor and as a lawyer with the federal government. She is National Vice President of REAL Women of Canada, a 55,000 member national women’s organization which was founded in 1983.


Andy Bigras – Quebec, Treasurer

Andy Bigras over the past 15 years Andy has been studying and researching Harm Reduction programs and is recognized as an authority on national drug issues. Andy also has over 12 years of volunteer hands on experience working with the poor, homeless and addicts of the inner city. Andy believes the Principles of the Drug Prevention Network will be the benchmark for future directions in Canada.


Al Arsenault – West Coast

Al Arsenault is a Founding Member of Odd Squad Productions Society which makes educational videos for youth about drugs and he is a 27-year veteran with the Vancouver Police Department. Al recently retired from V.P.D. in May 2006 having walked the beat in Vancouver’s notoriously drug-infested Downtown Eastside for many years. Al possesses a B.Sc. Degree in Geography and Geology from McMaster University (1977) and a B.Ed. Degree in Geography and Physical Education from Queen’s University (1978). He is also a member of the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy.


Jean Doucha – Manitoba

Jean Helen Doucha has a thirty-five year history working in the field of addictions and co-occurring mental health issues. Born in the state of Wisconsin, she immigrated to Manitoba, Canada at the age of twenty-one where she married her Canadian partner. Jean has attended the University of Wisconsin Manitowoc and Green Bay campuses, the University of Saskatchewan and the Kelsey Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences in Saskatoon. She holds a certificate as a Social Services Worker and is a trained instructor of Dr. Thomas Gordon’s Effectiveness Training communication courses.

The single-most significant learning experience for Jean was in 1975-1976 when she spent ten months of her life in The X-Kalay Foundation, Inc, now referred to as the Behavioural Health Foundation (BHF) in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she resided and participated fully in the drug treatment program. After furthering her education, Jean returned to work at BHF as an Assistant Director in 1981, later became the Director of Adult and Family Services, then the Assistant Executive Director, and in 2005, became the Executive Director of what is Canada’s first and foremost, 132-bed therapeutic community for men, women, youth and dependent children.

Dr. William Hay – Vancouver

William Hay graduated Medicine in 1979 from the University of Manitoba, serving as a country family physician and fly-in doctor for Northern British Columbia. Having completed his Psychiatry residency in 1986, he went on to work in supervisor and consulting positions at Vancouver General Hospital, Comox General Hospital, Campbell River Hospital, Riverview Hospital and most recently, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Saipan Hospital. He now has a private practice of psychiatric consultation, psychotherapy, and psycho-pharmacology in the heart of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. He also serves as a methadone doctor and consulting psychiatrist at Doc-side Medical Clinic in Vancouver. In addition to his extensive experience in mood and anxiety disorders, Dr. Hay specializes in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder. He is an avid patron of the performing arts, as well as an accomplished writer, blogger, and published poet.


Calvina Fay, Executive Director, Drug Free America


Calvina Fay is the Executive Director of Drug Free America Foundation and Save Our Society From Drugs (S.O.S.). Drug Free America Foundation provides education to the public about the dangers of drugs of abuse and efforts of drug pushers to legalize drugs. S.O.S. conducts political activities to combat drug legalization efforts. Professor Fay is also the Director of the International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse, a brain-trust of the world’s leading physicians and scientific scholars dedicated to advancing research of drug use and drug abuse. Professor Fay is the former Executive Director of the Drug Free Business Alliance (DBA), a Houston-based nonprofit coalition of member businesses involved in attacking the drug problem in the workplaces of the Texas Gulf Coast area. DBA has served as a model program for other U.S. cities and in several other countries.

Professor Fay has been an outspoken advocate against the legalization of drugs for over 20 years. She was a founding board member of S.O.S. and she is the former president of Drug Watch International, a network engaged in combating the drug legalization movement globally. Professor Fay has served as an adviser to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy as well as several political leaders, including President Bush, on drug policy issues.

Professor Fay has over 25 years of experience in the drug prevention field and is considered a pioneering expert on workplace drug abuse prevention programs. She has authored several books, including The Supervisor’s Handbook For Preventing Drug Abuse in The Workplace and Starting a Drug Free Business Initiative, as well as numerous newsletters and publications in the field that have been published at regional and national levels. She was the managing editor and a co-author of A Report on Employer Attitudes and the Impact of Drug Control Strategies on Workplace Productivity. She also served as the managing editor of a monograph titled Drug Abuse in the Decade of the Brain.

David Berner – Executive Director

David was the Founder and Executive Director of Canada’s first residential treatment centre on the therapeutic community model. The X-Kalay Foundation was established in Vancouver in 1967. The original program was closed on B.C. after 10 years, but its satellite program in Manitoba has continued to flourish and graduate clean and sober citizens. Now known as the Behavioural Health Foundation (www.bhf.ca), the program recently celebrated its 40th Anniversary.

David has built a strong record of achievement in marketing, broadcasting, acting, writing, leadership and citizen advocacy.

The Executive Director is our sole employee and he is not a member of the Board.

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